My writing goal was;
To make sure I plan the elements of a beginning, middle, and end.

My goal now is;
To make sure the events build in excitement (and use description in my setting and characters)

The New Neighbour

One day there were two boys. They were best friends. Their names were Matt and Jim. They were playing tag in the backyard of Matt’s house. They heard a moving truck come.
“Oh no, not a new neighbour!” shouted Matt, “let’s just keep playing.”
Suddenly the neighbour walked their driveway and right up to Jim and Matt. He said, “hi, I’m Andy.” Matt and Jim were so surprised they ran away.
“Hey Jim?”, Matt whispered.
“Yer?” Jim whispered back.
“That was weird, I think I hate him.”
“Me too.”

The next day at school Andy kept following them. Jim told him to go away but he wouldn’t.
After school Matt and Jim went to the beach and there was Andy just standing there staring at them. Matt walked up to Andy and said, “go away, go back to where you came from!” but all Andy said was “no”.

The next day Andy asked if he could play tag but Matt said no so Andy just stood.
“Why not?” asked Jim, “we need another person”.
“Ok you can play.” agreed Matt uncertainly.
Andy turned out to be really good at tag. He was incredibly fast. They all had an awesome game together.

After school Matt asked Andy id he wanted to come for a sleepover.
“OK,” said Andy, “but what’s for tea-it’s not fish eyes is it?”
“Ha, ha, ha” they all laughed.