Cameron’s Speech
Aitken gets the ball he fends one, steps another, does a 360 spin into a superman dive to score the winning try. The All Blacks have won the Rugby World Cup of 2023. This will go down in history folks.
We are crossing over to James live; he’s speaking to the winning try scorer Cameron.
How does it feel to win the Rugby World Cup of 2023?
“I’d just like to say Thanks to all my fans and full credit to my boys. But I couldn’t have done it without a dream when I was 11 years old I wanted to be an All Black I wanted to Captain the side that won the very first world cup in 1987. They bet France 29 to 9.
I also wanted to win the Blediesloe cup and the Trinations and when I did captain the All Blacks we would never lose a game.
I knew I no one else but me, I was going to be the best All Black that ever lived.
I’d hold heaps of world records like most trys scored or the most intercepts done by an individual.
I wanted to lead the haka which is a Maori war dance the All Blacks do at the start of each game they play.
And of course If I wanted to be an All Black I always had to have someone who I admired, so when I was young I admired Ali Williams. He plays Lock he is a very classy lineout jumper and obviously he plays for the All Blacks.
This is him on a weetbix stat attack card (I hold up card) Wait… I have always wanted to be on one of these I thought that would be very cool and I’m sure you would want to be on one of these cards to and play for the AWESOME, SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, All Blacks.
Because they’ve got an awesome record, they won they’re very first game in 1903. They beat Australia 22-3. Also most years they got into the semi-finals in the rugby world cup. I’m sure they’ve won most of there games. So that’s my dream, when I was 11 about wanting to be an All Black.
In the end I’d like to say
1: The All Blacks are awesome and 2: If you have a dream follow it because it can happen.”

My goal is;
To plan my story and include an orientation, complication, events and a resolution.

Brothers in Arms.

Soon we arrived at the scariest sight of our lives. We were playing the Green Machines! They were the biggest, strongest, toughest, meanest team in town. For a second I thought we weren’t going to win
“Oi,” the angry ref yelled, “you’re late, the game’s about to start!” We ran as fast as cheetahs chasing an antelope onto the field.
“Vvverrrtt,” the whistle screeched.
My teammate caught the ball and he got smashed! The
mean opposition got the ball and scored an amazing try.
This time we kicked off, they caught the ball and ran straight through us, knocking us down like pin sticks. For the next twenty minutes they kept on getting easy tries.
Finally Harry got the grip covered ball and scored a try. The whistle went for half time. It was th best sound I had ever heard in my life. The
annoyed coach talked to us and when we got back on the field we blew him away by scoring try after try.
Now we were only four points down, we were in a five metre scrum with ten seconds on the clock.
Harry passed the ball to me. I swerved left, did a 360 spin ending with a superman dive to score a try!
The crowd went nuts.
We had won the finals, I was a champion!

It was the best day of my whole entire life..