My writing goal is;
To develop believable details by using descriptive language.

The Bobinator

One day Bob was playing XBox 360 in the lounge of his house when suddenly he heard someone moving in next door. He could hear the trucks reversing in the driveway and things being unloaded.

So Bob paused the game and bolted outside to check out the new neighbours. He always liked new neighbours especially when there were kids his age. Bob could see there was a boy who looked about twelve years old. He had black hair and baggy jeans, he looked pretty cool. Bob introduced himself to the kid whose name turned out to be Fred.

Later that week at school Bob had a strange feeling about Fred. When Bob sitting down eating his lunch, Bob saw Fred acting strange, his eyes were glowing red and Bob could hear him say, “I am the Bobinator” in a strange robotic voice.
Bob started to sprint as fast as he could to the staffroom to find a teacher. Fred saw him run. Bob looked over his shoulder to see if Fred was trying to catch him, while Bob was looking back he didn’t see the edge of the Adventure Playground. He tripped. Bob’s ankle was hurt really badly. He couldn’t run. Fred was coming...eyes glowing red and robotically walking towards him...

“Are you...a...a...robot?” mumbled Bob.
“Yes. I. am. but. I. am. not. the. kind. of. robot. you. think. I. am.” said Fred.
“But...but... I thought you were trying to kill me...” cried Bob.
“Why. would. you. think. that?”
“I heard you say ‘I am the Bobinator’ and your eyes are glowing red” said Bob.
“On. my. star. Bob. means. clean” said The Bobinator (Fred).
“Oh, that makes more sense now, I got really muddy playing rugby at playtime” said Bob.
“Yes. you. needed. to. be. cleaned.
Since. you. are. the. first. human. to. know.
  1. will. be. your. slave. until. I. go. back. to. my. star. in. two. months.” said Fred.

They both lived happily ever after for two months.