My Speech

(Hug teddy for 6 seconds)
Oh what are you doing here oh my speech. I’d like to tell you about The Olden Days.
I know you think that’s a boring topic but its not. I am going to tell you about:
Toys, Cars, Clothes and Food (yum). Lets start with Toys. Oh year I am Devonne
From room 3. Oh I am not meant to say that stupid.

About 80 or 90 years ago they did not have toys like mushabellys (voice) they had
Home made Teddy bears (show). And they didn’t have shops like Toy world or
Toys are us. We are very lucky.

Cars ( vroom vroom ) this is sad they only had black cars and not many of them
They didn’t have Pink , Yellow or even Red cars. So very very sad (weep weep)

Clothes back then girls weren’t aloud to wear shorts or mini skirts especially
Mini skirts. Women wore long dark Dresses or Trouser Suits ( they are Long Pants,
A blouse that was white and a jersey ) Men wore Suits ( they are Long Pants,
A Shirt that was white, light or dark blue and a Jacket to keep them warm )

Food yum yum in my tum back then they didn’t have Chips ( yum )
They had sweeties like Chocolate and Licorice. They also had
Vegetables from the garden and Meat ( those poor animals )
We by our food at supermarkets like New World , Count Down,
Or Pak n Save ( that are over priced )
Oh no now I feel like Chips.

Can my Speech be over all ready Oh it almost is.

I hope you have leant something I now I have from writing my Speech
Remember you are a lucky person

My goals are:
To begin my story with dialogue, action or interseting description.

Randy the Rat

Randy the cute little chocolate brown rat and all his cute little rat friends went to the beach, the huge beach. Randy’s best friend Toni said,”Hey, lets have a running competition”
“Yeah, we could call it Rat Races” Randy said.
”That sounds extermely fun,” everyone screamed.
“Can I say ‘Ready, Setty...Go’?” squeaked Mikey really excitedly.
“You would be awesome that Mikey, of course you can,” said Toni.
“OK we’ll race to the salty sea and back -whoever gets back here first wins the Rat Race!” yelled Toni extremely loudly.
“AWESOME!” everybody screeched back.
“Get ready...setty...GO!” Mikey screamed.

Off those little mice went. Toni was in the lead with Randy about a millimetre behind. Ten they were on their way back.
“OOoow!” screamed Toni as he fell over in pain. Randy sprinted over, every other speedy little rat ran past.
“Are you OK?” asked Randy calmly.
“No, aahhhh. My toe! It hurts!” screamed Toni in pain.

Randy took Toni to the Rat Hospital. Toni had fallen so hard (oww) he had broken his big toe.
“Hey, thanks for stopping,” whimpered Toni.

Now Toni is on crutches for four painful weeks.
“Looks like we won’t do Rat Races anymore, it’s too dangerous.” decided Randy.