My goal is;
Add things the character says to make the personality clear to the reader.

Game On.

“Ohhh I’m so tired’ I thought. Slowly I crawled out of bed. I couldn’t sleep all night because I was so nervous yet excited. It was Game Day! Our basketball team was in the finals of the Stoke Winter Basketball Tournament. Our game was against the Tahuna Warthogs at 3:45, straight after school. After I slowly woke up, I got my breakfast grudgingly. “Eat up, said Dad, “you’ve got a big game today.”
“I hadn’t noticed,” I mumbled sarcastically. The day went by slowly with what seemed to be more and more writing, maths and handwriting. Slowly 3:45 came closer and closer until nervousness was bottling up inside me.
It was time to prepare for battle. I put my basketball outfit on. It was 3:30. “You better head up to the stadium,” said Mum.
“Ok,” I said hurridly, “I’ll put my shoes on then.”
We arrived 10 minutes after, and Mum was in the grandstand. I had a few practice shots at the towering hoops and our coach called “everybody in.” She gave us a briefing- “We’ve got to pass the ball around heaps and spread out,” she said.
Then we were off.
After the jump for the ball, their player tipped the blur of a ball to a bulky looking guy, he passed it to a small speedy player who zoomed off and scored.
The stadium cheered and booed.
We got the ball. I passed to a green and blue blur that was Luke and he managed to lay up through their defense.
After a long battle the Warthogs were in front by two points and there was now only one minute on the clock.
I intercepted a fast ball.
Three seconds left.
I was for a three pointer...if it went in we would win...the stadium stood still and held held their breath. Slowly it rolled around the ring... stopped...and... went in!