Ring ring... I woke up. I walked sleepily over to my phone and picked it up.
“Hello, Its Bob,” said Bob.
I heard the worry in Bob’s voice. “Oh. Hi Bob what’s wrong.”
“Someone stole the Nelson Mandela Cup from the All blacks vs South Africa game”
“Ok I’ll be there in a hour or two.” said Jonh quietly I crawled out to my police car and drove off to the stadium.
When I got there I could see people waiting to get into the ground but in front of them was yellow police tape and police cars.They were waiting to see if they could still watch the wonderful game.
“What do we know so far Bob?”
“Nothing really... just that the trophy is gone, possibly stolen John.”
“Ok I want all roads within a two km radius blocked off,” demanded John.
“On it sir, we can’t let anyone in”,
“Come on let them play!” John said sadly.
“Ladies and Gentlemen... its 30-26 to the All Blacks with 20 seconds left of play. Its all up to skill! We’re off ...10 seconds...5 seconds left... its coming to a great finish, that’s full time!
The winners are All Blacks. Thank you for coming have a wonderful evening”.
“Hey where is the trophy?” said the All blacks sadly.
“I don’t know, the police have been looking for the spectacular trophy.” said the coach in fear.
“Bob I found something! It’s part of the trophy, he said surprised. It must have fallen from way way up there where the spectators good good seats are”.
Everyone can look around this area there will be another piece...
“I can see it, it is on that ledge!” said the police man.
“I can’t reach it, we need a ladder!” said John worriedly.
“I’ll go get one...careful it’s windy.” said Bob
“I’ve nearly got it... yes... got it!” John said bravely.
“Come down now, can I personally give this to the All Blacks?”
They all lived competitively ever after.