My writing goal is;
To make sure I plan and include elements of beginning, middle and end.

The Lost Ring
Once when Constable Martin went to a netball game a sports kid came up and said “have you lost something?”
“Yes, how did you know?” said Constable Martin. The diamond ring he had brought for his wife had fallen out of his pocket the day before.
“I saw it fall out of your pocket” said the girl.
“Where abouts did you see it?” asked Constable Martin. The girl walked to the footpath by the jewellery shop next to the courts. They searched everywhere but they could not find it. Constable Martin went to the police station and told them what had happened. The police checked and it hadn’t been handed in.
“Somebody must have taken it,” said Constable Martin to the police officer.

The following Saturday the same people were playing netball. They went asking if anyone had seen a diamond ring. The last person that they asked was a ninteen year old guy wearing gangster type clothes. He said No but when checked his pockets they found the diamond ring.

The gangster went into jail that day because that ring was worth $10,000 dollars. The Constable Martin so happy that he got the ring back because his wedding was the next day on Monday.

A couple of months later the gangster went to court to see if her was guilty or not guilty.
He was guilty because there were security cameras outside and inside the jewellery shop and they caught the gangster spying on Constable Martin and quickly run to pick it up when noone was watching.

Constable Martin and his wife lived happily ever after with the ring twinkling in the sun.