My goal is;
To use language and humour appropriate to my characters.

The stolen necklace

One day there was a blonde haired girl called Bella. Her really cool friend gave her something for her birthday. It was a cool necklace and it had love hearts and ponies on it.
She took it to school and the teacher said “you can’t wear that necklace at school.” So she put it in her bag.
A girl went into Bella’s bag and put the necklace in her own bag. When Bella opened her bag the necklace was gone. She told her friend.
Bella and her friend went to the beach and they saw Emily wearing Bella’s necklace so Bella knew where the necklace was but Emily went home and Bella didn’t get it back.
Bella told her mum that she had lost the necklace, and she went to her room and locked herself in crying. She watched TV in her room and went to bed.
In the morning she said to herself ‘I will get the necklace back some way’.
She walked up to Emily and said, “give me my necklace back.”
“Finders keepers!”
Bella told the teacher that she wanted her necklace back. “What girl has got it?” asked the teacher. “Emily,” said Bella. “Who is she?” asked the teacher. “She has black hair with blonde stripes and brown eyes,” said Bella. “OK,” said the teacher, “I will tell her to give back the necklace, you go and play and I will talk to her.”
“Hi Emily, Bella wants her necklace back, can you give it back?”
“Give it to me and I will give it to Bella.” Then the teacher gave the necklace back to Bella. “Thank you so much, Thank you Emily”
“Go away” said Emily.
“Bye Emily.”
Bella and her friend were happy ever after.