My goal is;
To make my characters and setting more believable with descriptive details,

New Neighbour

Our new neighbour just moved in to the house next door. His name was Jason and he was a twelve year old maori boy, with ripped orange T-shirt and ripped jeans.
Three days later Jason went to the forest to look for wild mushrooms for his family. He was meant to be back at four o’clock. But he didn’t return for five days!

He was found on a full mooned night sitting on a rock in the middle of the forest by a search party that had been frantically looking for him. He was taken to his house and had a nice hot chocolate with his mum and dad.
Then he told us what happened...

He had been picking up mushrooms and then he saw another patch and another patch and he got lost, very lost.
He found an overhanging tree near a creek. He had his bag of mushrooms so he had food and water. When he had run out of mushrooms, he went looking for rotten trees because he knew there were Huhu grubs in rotten wood.

Each day Jason went back to his ‘camp’ and went to sleep under the overhanging tree and slept until morning.

One afternoon jason heard something in the distance. It sounded like a helicopter. He kept listening. It got louder and louder. “Woohoo!” Jason shouted it was a helicopter. It was the search party he was hoping for. Jason got some sticks and started waving them round, they saw him! They lowered a rope and took him to a hospital to get checked out. Luckily he was OK, he only had cuts and bruises.

The hospital rang his mum and dad and they came down to the hospital.
Jason was taken home. He sat down on the couch with a hot chocolate and started watching TV.