My goal is;
To add things the character says to make their personality clear.

One day there was the Cambridge family in Joy Town. In that family there was a dog, a mother, a girl and a boy. The girl’s name was Amy, the boys name was Tom but his family called him Tommy Boy sometimes. Most specially, the dogs name was Zar.
One day something very bad happened to the Cambridge family.
“Muuuuum” shouted Tom. “Where’s Zar?”
“He’s outside playing with Amy”
“OK sweet.” So Tom rushed outside.
“Hey guys”
“Woof” barked Zar.
“Hi Tom.”said Amy, “I know lets play on the tramp.” “Woof”
“I’ll take that as a yes” said Amy. So then the kids hopped on the tramp. Zar just sat down on the muddy wet squishy grass watching them have fun.
“Woof, woof” groaned Zar.
“Amy, look . Zar feels left out,” said Tom
“I know lets play tag,” said Amy, “Then we can all play.”
“Tag you’re it.” yelled Tom.
After a few months had passed. The kids mum was having a baby.
When Mum got home she was not alone because she had a baby with her. After a day Zar did not like the baby.
So one stormy windy night Zar set off into the cold.
The next day every body was worried, except the baby. But every body else made posters and did every thing they could to find Zar.
After 3 days of doing all that, they thought to themselves -we have to go on a search party. So then they put their gum-boots on and their raincoats. They set off into the rain.
They had been looking for 5 hours and they were about to give up. But just as they were saying that, they saw Zar.
“ZAR!!!!!” they all shouted. Zar ran to them even though he could see the baby. He was happy and from then on the baby and the dog were like best friends and every body was happy.