My goal is;
To make sure I plan and include the elements of beginning, middle and ending

Once a long time ago there lived prehistoric sharks called Megalodons. Megalodons ate whales and ruled the oceans for a long time.
There was a group of Megalodons called the Satric family. They lived on a coral reef near the beach. Alongside them in the family was a Megalodon called Bruce.

One day when Bruce woke up he heard shouting but in a weird way. It didn’t sound like a whale or turtle and it was coming from the beach. He looked up to see. They had two legs, two arms and a flat face. He called them humans. But they weren’t friendly, instead they came running into the water with spears and guns. Bruce and his family swan into the deep but the humans hopped into their boats and came out to find them. Bruce led their boats in a different direction then came back for his family and together they swam further out into the deep.

After days and days the water got colder and colder, they put their heads up to see what was happening. There right in front of them were millions and millions of giant floating icebergs. They had swum too far and now they didn’t know they way back. Bruce used his Ampulli of Lorinzeni to find the electric force-field and tried to sense the current.... It worked!, he could see the way back. His family followed him, swimming for many days with many of them getting sick.

Three weeks later Bruce lifted his head and saw land! He told the others and they believed them, they swam to the land but it wasn’t shaped like Austraila.
“Ooopps,” said Bruce, “I think we live in New Zealand now.” They all stayed for a week and really enjoyed it so they decided to live in New Zealand.