This is my speech

“The sweet tasty treat”

I would like to tell you about a fine selection of sweet tasty treats.
You have to well behaved for your parents to make you the treats, other wise you just get to dream about the flavours, the textures and the tastes.
The sweet tasty treats I am talking about are the home made desserts you get after dinner.
How do you know if they are sweet and tasty? Well you need to listen carefully to your taste buds. Your taste buds tell you if you like a particular dessert or not.
Your taste buds tell you when you eat anything if its good or not, especially dessert! Your taste buds will send a message to your brain.
They decide if you like the flavours, texture – style of dessert or food that you are eating. Taste buds live all around in your mouth.
When you chew your food, your tastes buds send the signals out. Past your finger and toes, some times you can even shiver if you like something a lot. That’s how you know if you find some foods sweet, tasty and yummy. Sometimes it’s the opposite, taste buds are very clever as some taste buds do not like all desserts.
Home made desserts are called “home made” because this dessert style has been whipped up from scratch.

Recipes can either be modern or handed down through families from grandparents to children. Some times family recipes are kept a secret, and the method and ingredients are not shared because they just taste so good.
Some popular home made desserts that you may have tried, is the good old fashioned apple crumble, bread and butter pudding, rice pudding, apple sponge, fruit pies, custard…. chocolate pudding. Usually this dessert style is made from simple ingredients, all natural ingredients. Full of flavours, which are fresh and filling. “Home Made” desserts that have been made from scratch, this means baking bowls and spoons – bits from the beaters that you lick, and have a sneak taste - ending up with sticky hands and face. A huge smile, and possibly a very messy kitchen! Modern desserts are just as yummy, You can stop at the supermarkets and can get your self a frozen McCains cheese-cake, a fancy chocolate ice-block dipped in nuts, coated in chocolate…emmmmmmm, Aunt Betty’ s seamed chocolate pudding – heated in the microwave. 30 seconds later, your mouth is full of chocolate flavours….The sweet tasty treat, enjoyed after lunch or tea, not always has to be sweet… can be citrus and zingy in flavour. So I guess the sweet tasty treat, home made or modern dessert really is just a tasty treat. That most of our taste buds just love to eat.
Dessert – a tasty treat, we all would eat 24/7 if only we were allowed!