My goal is;
To add adverbs, adjectives and interesting words to create a mental image.

The Ice-cream trip
On the way home Rosalie and Emma asked if they could go to the supermarket to get an ice-cream.
“Yes you can,” Mum mumbled.
They stopped at the supermarket. Then they walked in, there were lots of people.
‘Wow, there’s lots of people,” said the children.
“Yes there are, the most important thing is to stay with me.” said Mum. Just then Miss Mason, Rosalie’s Kindy teacher said hi to Mum. They started chatting. Rosalie and Emma were bored. They saw the ice-cream freezer.
“, where are you?” called Mum, Oh no I’ve..I’ve...lost them! I should not have let them run away out where all the people went, thought Mum. Now I’m never going to find them.
Rosalie said to Emma, “Where’s Mum? I thought she was coming.”
“I thought so too,” cried Emma, terrified.
“Oh no, now we have to find her,” they both said together.
“But we can’t now because its too crowded to find her,” screeched Emma.
“Oh. we’re not happy now. Maybe we should’ve to listened to her saying to stay with her.”
“Yeah maybe, but we were in such a rush to get an ice-cream. But we’ve got one in our hand now.”
Mum was still standing at the door talking to Miss Mason. Suddenly Rosalie saw Mum, “Yay Mum, we found you!” yelled both of them together.
“Come on you two, lets go quickly pay and go home.” growled Mum.