My goal is;
To begin my story with dialogue, action or interesting description.

The new neighbour

“Muuum, don’t you think we need a new neighbour,” wondered Sarah.
“yeah, maybe,” thought Mum.
Just then someone knocked on our door saying there will be a new arrival tomorrow.
“Yah, Woohoo! Finally someone new is coming, it’s like that place was haunted or something.”
The next day there was the new arrival. She looked weird, like...really weird. I had to go to school or else I’d be late so I didn’t really get to see her which was a shame.
At school I heard this really odd music that came near from where I live. I had never heard such odd music before. ‘I wonder if it’s something to do with the new neighbour?’ I thought, ‘Nah, why would it be.’
On the way home from school the music kept getting louder and louder. It nearly came to the point where I was deaf. I found out it was the weird looking neighbour, apparently she believes in singing. I personally don’t like songs about choirs and high pitched voices especially not this high.
No-one in our family likes the new neighbour because Dad can’t rest. And if he’s not resting he’s eating. And that’s bad for Mum because she has to lots of shopping and cleaning dishes and that means Mum can’t help me with my homework. I don’t really know what to do.
The next day I went to school and I was exhausted from not sleeping. Everyone is bullying me for having the worst neighbour ever. The I thought of a great plan. My great plan was to scare her like when I said I thought the house was haunted.
I went straight home and told Mum and Dad about my plan. We started straight away.
Her house looked just like a normal house but it wasn’t. We put a heap of lemon juice at the top of the door in a bucket, but we decided not to, it was too cruel. We tried to get it back but it was too late. She walked into her house and got the fright of her life.

The next day she found another home to live in and moved out.
I wonder why I can still hear the music?