My goal is;
To add things my character says to show their personality.
My goal now is;
To use adverbs, adjectives and interesting words to create a mental image.

Massive jaws came right for me. I quickly aimed my spear gun into its mouth but its jaws just snapped and snapped at the spear and swallowed it whole.

I was scuba diving in the Antartic ocean for my research on a prehistoric shark called the Megalodon. It was thought to be extinct. I wanted to prove it still existed in the freezing cold waters of the South pole.

The jaws came back... I felt a pain in my leg...the massive monster had taken a chunk out of my leg. There was blood coming out everywhere. I had to swim as fast as I could before more creatures sensed the blood.

Finally I got to the boat. My research assistants, Milly and Jack, dragged me aboard just as my heart stopped pumping. They called a rescue helicopter and started to help keep me alive by pressing my chest. The rescue helicopter took me back to base and saved my life.

It was an evil Megalodon that had almost killed me. I went for one last look at the ocean. I had died but I am alive and I lived to tell the world Prehistoric Megaladon’s do still exist. My proof was a missing big chunk of my leg.