My goal is;
To make sure the events are in order and to build up the events in excitement.

The Bully
Once upon a time in a city called Tronto, Edmond was at school. In class, Edmond and Steve were talking to each other. Soon the teacher came in.
“Good morning class.”
“Good morning MrTownrow.”
“Get your books out.”
Suddenly someone gave Edmond a tap on the back. Julie gave him a note and pointed to Chris. Edmond read the note. It said, ‘To Edmond, I am going to hurt you if you don’t give me ten dollars at lunchtime. PS It’s going to hurt!’
Edmond gulped.

After class they went to the cafeteria and got their lunch and went to sit down at a table. Edmond would not eat anything. Julie asked him if he was feeling alright but he wouldn’t talk to her. His friends kept asking what was wrong, then Edmond suddenly shouted “the school bully’s going to hurt me really bad if I don’t pay him back ten dollars!”
“When?” asked Julie.
“Today,” said Edmond.
“But didn’t you just use your ten dollars,” said Steve.
“Yep,” gulped Edmond.
“Well beat him up then,” said Steve, “go over to him. Come on Edmond, you can do it! Come on, go now!”
Edmond walked over to him, Chris, the bully. Back at the table Steve whispered to the others, “I don’t think he’ll last ten seconds with the bully!”

“Where is the money?” said Chris. “I don’t have any,” said Edmond. “OK then. Let’s get this over and done with,” said Chris. Chris punched Edmond in the eye and kicked him in the guts. But Chris didn’t know the principal was watching him.

They all went back to class except Edmond, who went to the sick bay.

After school the principal met up with Chris and talked to him. Edmond and friends listened to the growling principal give Chris a detention for a week.

They all walked home and had a delicious tea at Edmond’s house.