It was a cold and scary night. In a little garage there were two mum and dad cats with kittens just about born.Out came six little kittens.
“They are look just like you,” said the daddy cat. As they looked at the kittens they found a special little kitty.
“Look!” shouted the mum cat, “that one looks like you!”

In time, the kittens grew into fully grown cats and got new owners. New owners meant new names...all of them get official names and collars. As the six cats sat tall, the owners put the collars on.
“I got Ana” said one of the cats, she smiled.
The other cats got Mash, Mini, Paws and Claws for the twins and the best name of all was... Twitch-the special one.

A couple of days later Twitch the black cat went to the deck on the river and climbed into a box that was floating on the water.
Suddenly the river got rough and the box floated off with Twitch in it but he didn’t notice! The box stopped on a shallow bend. Twitch looked up and saw an old brick wall...was it military?
“Where am I?” thought Twitch. He was lost.

He walked inside and found that there were people walking around in uniform and some sort of packs on their backs with signs that said ‘S.C.H.O.O.L.’
“Hmm, It might stand for ‘Scary Convict Hopefully Off Of Land’ -but that doesn’t make sense...”
He saw a door, he lifted his paw because he had an idea... AHA!
“They must have some sort of thing or animal in here that could help me!” thought Twitch.
He ran inside and accidently crashed into the wall.
“Ow!” shouted twitch.
Out from a crack two red and blue coloured lady bugs appeared with a big mean looking cockroach. He was their leader...
“What are you doing here?” asked the roach
“Hello could you help me?” cried Twitch. The roach stood up on two back legs.
“What do you want?” grumbled the roach.
Twitch told them about the box and the water and how he wanted to go home. The roach pointed to a destination. “Try to go there up the hill or follow the stream” the roach said.

So Twitch went off. His adventure was huge and scary for him and he walked all that day and he finally got home before his owner worried about him “Today was a big day” purred Twitch, even though his owner didn’t understand, she gave him a big hug and they fell fast asleep.