My goal is;
Add description to my characters to make their personality clear to the reader.

The disaster
One day a police officer went to patrol a rugby ground to make sure no kids were being naughty. He folded his arms and breathed deeply, “Ahhh, I like the way the trees and grass smell after the rain” he thought to himself. The police officer was watching the rugby and was proud of them. He walked away but a little boy called Michael punched another little boy, he scrunched up his face, grabbed the rugby ball and ran away.
The police officer turned around with an angry face. “Hey!” the policeman said. The boy pants ripped as he tried to jump over a gorse bush, but he got away.

A month later Michael was in the fantastic museum with his mum and his little sister, Jessey, who was about 8 years old. When Michael’s mum took his sister to the toilet over the road he looked at the police man with evil eyes, ran and grabbed a crystal and ran! Michael had spent lots of time watching Power movies like transformers and he went to try to fly. The police man grabbed his foot. Michael dropped the crystal. The policeman let go of his leg and caught the crystal just in time before it smashed. The boy ran out of the museum and got away.

Three days later the Policeman saw Michael in the Snapper market. He chose a snapper, paid and walked to his car. Michael was there with his mum and Jessey again, they were getting out of their car. The policeman walked back over to Michael’s mum who was wearing black skinny jeans and a white top. The policeman asked “do you know your son has been stealing and punching other boys on the rugby field?.” She said, “well, he watches Transformers all the time, perhaps they are a bit violent. I will not let him watch any more. Thank you officer.”
“Muuummmm...” Michael groaned.