My goal is;
To begin my story with dialogue, action or interesting description

The Day

“Wow..Mum! I made it into the Gold Giants, the best rugby team in town,” said James “Muuuum, can I go? Its this Friday.” asked James
Mum said “Son, you can go but come home straight away.”

The next day at school James told his rugby coach that he could make it. His bossy coach said, “wonderful, because Jack broke is arm and he can’t make it.”
When James got home he told his mum his team was excited to have him. His mum said “Great, ‘cos I am coming to watch.”

It was Friday and school was over, he was so happy to go. But James had to go home to get his boots because he forgot them. James was so worried that he would miss his game, he found his boots and got to the field just before the game started and he got to play.
James scored three tries in the first half. He looked over on the sidelines to see his mum but she wasn’t there. James felt so sad she hadn’t come. Then it was the second half. He scored no tries.

The game was over and he went straight home. James told his mum about his tries (he didn’t tell her he hadn’t scored any in the second half) and told her he got Star of the Game.
“So sorry, I was stuck at work and I couldn’t make it,” apologised Mum.
“That’s alright I had a good game” shrugged James.
Mum gave James a big hug , “what a day,” laughed James.