Soccer cup final

Good afternoon sports fan`s and welcome to the FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL!!!! We are your hosts Bob and David today’s match SPAIN and CHINA!!!!
Do you want say something about the team`s Bob?”
“Yes I do David, Spain has a lot of chance winning. China on the other hand, they’re going to have to step up their game up alot if they’re going to beat the world’s best team. China has brought in a new player, the youngest ever in an international team, Max Lee who has just been signed from Shanghai.
Max sat in the dressing room listening to the commentary. It was breathtaking to be in an international. He couldn’t believe he was in the World Cup final. It had always been his dream to play for China and the day had finally come.

“It`s time for kickoff”
1 hour and 29 minutes later...
“The score is 1-1 there’s only 1 minute left in the game. Max from China has the ball. Max has a clear shot, he hits the cross bar -oh noo...Xavi slide tackles him without the ball...Oooooo he fell down.” gasped the comentator.
“That`s full time sports fans, now here comes the medic for Max. Don’t leave now it’s extra time”

Later in Hospital, “Max wake up.”
“Huh! were am I?”
“You’re in hospital Max” said the nurse.
“Did I score?”
“No Max you did not, you broke your leg!” the nurse said.
“Oh no!”
“Unfortunately Max your injuries have given us a big problem. We don’t know if you’ll ever be able to play football again.” said his doctor.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” gasped Max in astonishment. “I just made my dream come true and it may be ending.”